Thursday, October 20, 2011

Couponing FAQ

Where is the best place to get coupons?
The Sunday Paper is the best place to get your coupons. The bigger the city the paper is from, the better coupons you will receive. I live in SE Michigan, so the best paper for coupons is the Detroit Free Press. Most places sell the Free Press for $1.50-$2. Check your local Dollar Tree to see if they sell papers. My local Dollar Tree sells the paper for $1. 

How many papers should I buy?
If you are new to couponing, start off slow - 1-2 papers per week. I usually buy 4 papers each Sunday. Sometimes I buy extras if it is a really great coupon week. Some people recommend getting one paper for each person in your family, but start off slow and you will learn how many papers are good for your family. 

Why do I need more than one paper?
When couponing, you will find that you can purchase some items at rock bottom prices and you will want to stock up on multiples of that item to carry you through until that item comes on sale again. You don't need to have a huge stockpile that lasts a year, just enough until the next sale. You will learn the sale cycles as you coupon. Also, some deals only work if you buy multiples.  Sometimes, if you buy a certain amount of an item, you will get a coupon good on your next order, or will get an instant discount. When combined with your manufacturer coupons, this can make for a great deal if you have multiple manufacturer coupons. 

Is the Sunday paper the only place I can get coupons?
Absolutely not! You can find coupons in magazines, stuck to products, inside products, on the shelf in the stores, and online.

Where can I find online manufacturer coupons?
Most online coupons can be printed twice per computer. You can find coupons on manufacturer websites as well as:

What is a matchup?
A matchup is when someone matches a sale with a coupon to maximize savings. Using matchups found online will save you a lot of time and money!

How do I understand a matchup?
Learn the Coupon Lingo.

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