Coupon Policies

When couponing, it is very important to understand the coupon policies of the various stores where you shop. You should have a print off of each stores policies to take with you to the store as you use coupons so there is no confusion.  Here is a listing of the coupon policies of some of the more popular stores. I have tried to get links to official store websites. If a store does not have an official policy published, I have linked to other online resources but always be sure to check with the actual store for clarification if there is no official policy posted.

CVS Coupon Policy

Dollar General Coupon Policy

Family Dollar Coupon Policy

Kroger Regional Coupon Policy
Kroger Digital Coupon Policy

Meijer Coupon Policy - The policy does not state anything about doubling coupons.  Doubling coupons at Meijer is regional.  Check your local Meijer Weekly Ad at the bottom of the back page to see if your area doubles coupons.

Rite Aid Coupon Policy

Target Coupon Policy
Target Price Match Policy

Walgreens Coupon Policy

Walmart Coupon Policy - To the right you will see PDF links to their coupon policy as well as their price match policy.

These coupon policies are important to read over but do not give all the information on how to effectively save when shopping at these stores. Over time, I will be writing store guides for each store on how to save the most at each location.