Saturday, August 27, 2011

DIY Haircare

OK...even I didn't believe this one would work when I learned about it, but, I thought I would give it a try once....and I was SHOCKED! Particularly because my hair is so unmanageable. You might doubt, but I challenge you to try this at least once.

Shampoo (not sudsy at all but does clean)
1 tsp baking soda
1 cup of water

Mix solution and put in spray bottle. To use, saturate hair with mixture and work through hair and rub your scalp thoroughly. Leave in for one minute and then rinse.

ACV Rinse
1-3 tsp of Apple Cider Vinegar (if you have oily hair use 1 tsp, if your hair is very dry, use 3 tsp)
1 cup of water

Mix solution and put in spray bottle. After rinsing baking soda solution, saturate hair with ACV solution, leave in for a minute and rinse with cool water to seal your hair.

Leave-in conditioner
If you have very dry hair, add a dime size (more or less depending on hair length and thickness) amount of olive oil to damp hair. Style as usual (although you probably won't need your regular styling products.)

My hair has never been softer or more manageable! Shampoos have harsh detergents that strip your hair of natural oils and makes your scalp over-produce oil. I have read that some people experience a "detox period" of a couple of weeks as their scalp adapts. They might find they have to wash frequently with the solution because the scalp is still over-producing oil. After it adapts, you will probably be able to wash less frequently. I have not noticed any detox hair is so dry it needed only a once a week wash previously and that seems to be the same with this more natural process of hair cleaning.

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