Tuesday, September 20, 2011

CVS Green Bag Tag

Want to make some extra cash just for shopping you are doing anyway? Get a Green Bag Tag from CVS! This is a tag that you purchase from CVS for $.99 and they scan it to link it to your Extra Care Card. At my CVS it was located in a hidden corner of the store so if you don't see them anywhere just ask someone!

Everytime you shop at CVS, bring your reuseable shopping bag or just carry your items out of the store with no bag and they will scan your Green Bag Tag. Every fourth time the tag is scanned, CVS will print you $1 Extra Care Buck (ECB) that you can use on your next purchase! After your first $1 ECB, it has paid for itself and from there on out you are just making money!

To use:
1. Scan CVS Extra Care Card
2. Scan at least one item from your transaction
3. Scan Green Bag Tag
4. Earn money!

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